Here Is How To Make Your Room Brighter And Larger

Published on 12/05/2022

Each of us probably has at least one room in the apartment that is relatively small. In such a case, it is important to make the best of it and make the room look bigger with the help of simple tricks. In the following we will show you how this works and what you have to consider when setting up. We give you an overview of the 5 most effective methods so that you can make individual rooms appear brighter and larger.

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Here Is How To Make Your Room Brighter And Larger

Go For Bright Colors

Bright colors are an absolute must for optically enlarging a room. For both the wall color and the choice of furniture, we recommend going for white, cream, or beige tones. These not only brighten up the room, but also make the walls look a bit apart. But even dark colors can enlarge a room. However, there are a few things to consider here. Heavy materials such as velvet are very suitable for dark colors. Feel free to grab a large, solid piece of furniture, such as a velvet bed. In order for you to ultimately achieve the effect of optical enlargement, the choice of color is essential: your choice of furniture should definitely match the color of the wall. The actually large piece of furniture looks like a second level, which means that our eyes perceive more depth in the room.

Make Sure You Have The Right Lighting

Proper lighting also contributes to the visual enlargement of your space. You can achieve this effect beautifully by placing many small accent lights throughout the room. For example, you can use small floor lamps, showcases or shelf lighting, small wall lights or LED strips. Especially in rather dark rooms, you can use ceiling spotlights to simulate more room height, which in turn makes the room appear larger.

Go For Furniture With Built-In Storage

In order to save on living space, you should specifically use pieces of furniture that already have integrated storage space. Beds, sofas and stools with storage space are real game changers. Not only do you hide odds and ends that you don’t use every day, you also gain extra living space because you don’t have to use it for additional furniture to store away. With beds with storage space function in size 160×200 you get a small wardrobe for additional storage.

Get Large And Small Mirrors

Mirrors create an excellent visual enlargement of your room. They make the light appear wider in them, which means that the room appears brighter and automatically larger. Especially large wall mirrors that reach the floor are particularly advantageous for this effect. We would therefore recommend that you use such mirrors. But many small wall mirrors also have a very similar effect. These then act like an additional window that increases the amount of light in the room.

Avoid Open Shelves And Cluttered Furniture

We know that open wardrobe systems are very trendy right now. However, these are anything but good for an optical enlargement effect, especially if the room is rather small. Open bookshelves also have a similar negative effect on the overall picture of your living space: they create unrest, especially if there is no order in them. For this reason, we recommend that you prefer to use a closed shelf or cabinet. Pleasant side effect: it doesn’t create as much dust when it’s closed.