These Are The House Plants That Will Promote Cleaner Air

Published on 08/02/2020

The aesthetic of plants is becoming more and more present in a home, it often adds a warm and homey feel to a home. However, the benefits of having plants indoors is something often forgotten. We are talking about air purification and chemical killing, all with the use of a simple house plant. Plants are more sustainable than a bunch of flowers that need to be replaced every few days. Yes, a plant may be a responsibility in the sense that they require watering and attendance every now and again. The aesthetic aspects should actually be a benefit of the health benefits indoor plants possess. Indoor air just as outdoor air does, holds pollution. It is well-known in the world we live in today our air is majorly polluted, filled with toxins- these affect our body, our skin, and our overall health. Plants have also been associated with lowering stress levels, better sleep, flu-fighting/ prevention, and improve wellbeing overall. Here are the best plants for your home!

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These Are The House Plants That Will Promote Cleaner Air

Areca Palm

These house plants act as air filters, as they filter through toxic and damaging chemicals such as acetone, xylene, and toluene. These chemicals build up over time from ordinary household products and cleaners that are used throughout the house. They are a great addition to any home, salon, and especially in areas where poor ventilation may occur. The great thing about this plant is its ability to attack harsh chemicals, ones’ we do not even stop to think about within our own homes.


This plant filters air by removing the toxic chemical, formaldehyde which often stems in the environment from building materials and home furnishings. Formaldehyde is only threatening after a long time and inhaling such over a long period of time. Formaldehyde is also a chemical found in hair straightening treatments as well as the chemical that preserves corpses.

Peace Lily

These have the ability to purify the air by up to 60% as they absorb mold spores, these spores are a common occurrence from dust. Peace lilies absorb these spores as food, how convenient. Mold is often found in areas that are suspect to humidity- not only climatically but also like bathrooms. Adding one or two of these will change our air drastically and may even assist in tackling mold issues as well as preventing mold. Peace lilies are also gorgeous and delicate adding a modern touch to any room.

Aloe Vera

Your trusty sunburn reliever and all-round skin soother has other benefits and purposes too. The gel within Aloe Vera leaves is an anti-bacteria gel and houses many vitamins. The plant purifies your air from formaldehyde and benzene- both of which are present in many cleaning products and home detergents. Adding one of these succulents not only looks great but they require very little care and attention, and the benefits outweigh themselves.