Big City Life: Tips For Finding An Apartment

Published on 08/26/2021

Anyone who wants to find a new apartment in the big city knows how difficult it can be to assert oneself on the housing market against competitors. But with a few simple tips and tricks, everyone can find the right apartment and maybe get it. You can find out how this can be done here. Anyone who lives in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv or New York knows how nerve-wracking the search for a new apartment can be. Rents are comparatively expensive, cheap properties are rare on the housing market and therefore hotly contested. The chance of getting hold of the cheap dream apartment in your favorite district is slim with the big competition. How you can still find a new apartment that suits you, and what you can consider when looking for an apartment to increase your chances, we have some tips for you.

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Big City Life: Tips For Finding An Apartment

Networks To Find A New Apartment

Are you looking for an apartment? Tell your friends and maybe your colleagues about your project. The chances are usually not bad that you or someone from your larger circle of acquaintances is moving and that an apartment will soon become available. Even in the sports group, in the choir or in the swimming club, there is always someone who knows someone who is currently moving and is looking for new tenants.

Use Social Networks To Find Accommodation

Not for everyone, but one possibility that we don’t want to suppress: start a call on the well-known social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, provided you are logged in there. There, friends and acquaintances can see that you are currently looking for an apartment and share your small ad with other friends. This definitely increases the chances of finding an apartment.

Check Entitlement To Housing Entitlement Certificate

It can also be worthwhile to check your own entitlement to a housing entitlement certificate or 5 certificates. You are entitled if your salary is below a local income limit. The certificate entitles you to apply for cheaper, publicly funded social housing that is only reserved for people with a residence permit. However, social housing does not necessarily have to be called a prefabricated housing estate. With a little luck, you will also find a cheap new or old apartment in the district of your choice.

Look For Apartments In Less Popular Parts Of The City

If you have a period of notice for your current apartment on the back of your neck or if you have to move to a new city within a few weeks to start your career, we recommend looking for apartments in the less popular parts of the city. Here you compete against significantly fewer applicants against whom you have to assert yourself. Small consolation: Even if the next apartment is perhaps a bit outside, it can be well-connected to the local public transport network. So you can drive to the city center within a few minutes and pay at least one visit to your favorite district.