The Best Bedroom Trends For 2022

Published on 02/16/2022

Reconnecting with nature, innovative storage, trendy ideas for remodeling your master, and bright bursts of color are among the top bedroom trends for 2022. One of the most significant rooms in the house is our bedroom. They offer a place to unwind, relax, and, most importantly, sleep. The top 2022 interior design trends should not only make your home appear beautiful, but also make you feel good. This year, there’s a greater focus on bringing calming natural elements in and pushing stress-inducing factors in the home out, with plenty of stylish solutions for how to de-clutter your home and give you more space to live and grow.

How To Decorate Your Dorm Like A Pro While On A Budget

How To Decorate Your Dorm Like A Pro While On A Budget



This year, paneling will remain a prominent style element in bedrooms, providing depth and texture to spaces. Paneling will look wonderful behind the bed instead of a typical headboard, providing a classy focal point whether you choose a vibrant shade or a neutral tone.


The cluttercore style is all about managed maximalism, which may seem like the polar opposite of what you want in your bedroom. IKEA believes that the statement style will dominate Spring/Summer interior design trends in 2022, adding a lot of individuality to the bedroom. Incorporating clashing tones, rich and textured materials with contrasting structures provide a feeling of richness within the home to invoke the curated cluttercore trend and repurpose, store, and show off your items with flair.


The biophilic design movement is all about reconnecting with nature and bringing the outside inside, and demand for it has increased by 200 percent. Choose low-maintenance house plants that thrive in indirect sunlight if you want to incorporate this style into your bedroom. A rubber plant, sometimes known as the “ideal bedroom plant,” is recommended by Interflora.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Because many of us will still be working from home in 2022, versatile furniture will remain a major design element in our homes. Aside from necessity, multipurpose furniture gives you more bang for your buck and is an easy method to save space. It’s crucial to think beyond typical furniture and instead create something with style in mind, whether you have a designated work space or, like many of us, are revamping a corner of your bedroom. Desks that double as dressing tables, for example, allow you to hide your work at the end of the day, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance without succumbing to the temptation of hopping on your desk right before night.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are set to make a comeback in 2022, despite the fact that they are not an entirely new concept. If you only have a tiny amount of space to work with, these sorts of beds are a terrific option. Storage beds with drawers and ottoman beds with gas lifts with broad and tall headboards are very popular this year. We’ve developed a wide choice of fully customized beds since more and more individuals want a bed that meets their own unique style. Blue, purple, mink, and gray are the most popular bed colors right now, and they’re expected to stay that way through 2022.

Bedroom Color Trend – Green

The popularity of green in our homes isn’t going away anytime soon, and a variety of colors, from a soothing sage green to darker, brighter emerald green tones, will be big this year. Color palettes that are inspired by nature Green colours are also a big kitchen trend for 2022, and as Susie points out, there are various ways to employ green in your home without re-painting a space. If a whole wall is too far, try statement accessories as a subtle nod to the trend. There are numerous shades of green that you can include into your home; try lighter colors in bedrooms, for example.

Bedroom Color Trend – Brown

This year, choose earth tones for a cozy, understated bedroom décor. Brown is a versatile color that is predicted to be used in a wide range of businesses and specialties in 2022. Brown is a great hue for a room since it softens the tones and pairs nicely with stronger “pops” of color.

This year is the year to do something different! Change that old style and try something a little trendier. We spend even more time at home these days, it should look glamorous!