Avoid These Bathroom Decorating Mistakes With These Expert Tips

Published on 12/14/2020

When it comes to bathroom designs, a lot of people think that just because it’s an “unpleasant” space in the house, not much effort needs to go into the aesthetics or the layout. However bathroom decor can really make the room more inviting and charming, but doing the job wrong can instantly shape the space into something that is completely impractical and really off-putting. We all know that there is nothing worse than being embarrassed to have your guests use the most unattractive, outdated room in your home, right? In order to help you decorate your bathroom, we’ve put together the most frequent design fails you too can avoid. Take a closer look…

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Avoid These Bathroom Decorating Mistakes With These Expert Tips

Choosing Too Many Finishes

When picking out your final bathroom finishes, it can be quite an exciting task but also possibly overwhelming. Try not to go crazy with too many patterns or finishes. Experts suggest that more than two finishes in a bathroom can really look peculiar. So, it is additionally suggested that the materials flow as best as possible, for example, keep all the floor designs the same and preferably a matching color on the walls. You can be creative as possible but keep things orderly and symmetrical.

Neglecting Storage

Many expert designers and decorators agree that this is probably the number one mistake that tons of people make – not having an adequate amount of storage in their bathrooms. No matter how big or small the bathroom maybe, you need to 100% ensure that the bathroom is not a cluttered space but is completely functional. There are truly so many different options when it comes to storage ideas, whether you’re looking to purchase the ideal units for your bathroom you be a little more adventurous and DIY, the possibilities are endless.

Ignoring Good Lighting

This is another decorating fail that happens way too often…not including good lighting in the bathroom. So many experts say that there is nothing worse than a poorly lit bathroom. Additionally, so often people forget just how important multiple light sources are which is why they just end up with dull, ineffective lighting.  Make sure not to be one of those people who completely overlook the importance of good lighting in the bathroom, if space lacks an abundance of light, simply add a table or floor lamp.

Lacking Functional Designs

As we mentioned earlier too many people actually underestimate how important the bathroom truly is. Just because the space is used for grooming and unpleasant bodily functions does not mean it should contain impractical items. For example, low toilets, high bathtubs, or mirrors are just a few of the huge mistakes that can actually cause major issues in the bathroom. Exeprts have suggested that it is essential to have a bathroom that is both safe and maintainable.